Here are my guitar lesson prices:


HOUR: £28

Many of my students take a half hour lessons each week, with a few taking hour lessons! It is totally up to you how long our lessons are, for faster progress longer are certainly more effective as we can cover more! For children I tend to find a half hour lessons works best!

Express Learning

My teaching methods are designed to give you a structured path when learning the guitar. My lessons will give you the tools you need to progress as fast as possible! I teach both electric and acoustic guitar lessons, covering a huge range of different genres - helping my students learn through the music that they are passionate about.

Whether you just want to learn a few chords, or if you want to play like your heroes I can tailor the lessons to suit your goals!

You have absolutely nothing to lose, give me a call now for a friendly, no obligation consultation!

Learn to Play Guitar!
Anyone...and I mean ANYONE can learn to play the guitar. All you need are some detailed structured lessons & of course lots of practice!